Arcane Of 12 Black Celebrities

Arcane of 12 Black Celebrities You Do not Know About Them

In honor of one of the most sacred holidays, Yom Kippur (11-12 October) On the Jewish calendar, we've rounded up a number of black stars that you can Didn't know, (or would have forgotten) had Hebrew roots.

Some of these celebs celebrate a holiday known as "Day" atonement" and practice the faith, while others are of Jewish descent - Either way they're repeating!

arcane of 12 black celebrities

Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, and Zoe Kravitz
arcane of 12 black celebrities

Incidentally, the actress famous for playing Denise Huxtable and her rock star ex-husband both boast Jewish roots, which is also true for their pretty talented daughter.

Lenny comes from a Russo-Jewish background on her father's side while Lisa has Jewish ancestry on her mother.

Sammy Davis Jr.

The great American entertainer converted to Judaism after a near-death car accident in 1954.

arcane of 12 black celebrities
The rapper grew up in Toronto with his Jewish mother. He also attended a Jewish day school and bar mitzvah!

Rashida Jones
arcane of 12 black celebrities
The actress may be the daughter of the great Quincy Jones, but her mother, Peggy Lipton, was raised Jewish and attended a Hebrew school.

Tracee Ellis Ross
arcane of 12 black celebrities
Tracy Joy Silberstein, known professionally as Tracee Ellis Ross, is an American actress, singer,television host, producer, and director. She is best known for her leading roles in the television series Girlfriend and Black-ish.Ross is the owner of Pattern Beauty, a hair-care line for curly hair. The black-ish star was born Tracey Joy Silberstein, descending from her father, Robert Ellis Silberstein.

Boris Kodjoe
arcane of 12 black celebrities
Boris Frederick Cecil Tai-Nate Offuete-Kodjo, better known as Boris Kodjo, is an Austrian-American actor, producer and former model best known for his roles as Kelby in the 2002 film Brown Sugar. . Hollywood star's great-grandmother's real husband died in the Holocaust. It is unclear whether the actor remains at home with his Jewish roots.

Lauren London
arcane of 12 black celebrities
Lauren Nicole London is an American actress, model and television personality. Starting her career in music videos and later moving into film and television acting, London achieved recognition and fame for her performance as Erin "New New" Garnett in the 2006 coming-of-age film ATL. of. Technically speaking, Lauren is not Jewish because her roots come from her father and not her mother, but the star still reiterates.

"I'm a little half-black, half-Jewish girl who was weird and weird."

arcane of 12 black celebrities
Gopala Mohlabane, is an American soul and R&B singer-songwriter. The meaning of his name is to proceed in the Southern African language Tswana.

Songbird's mother is an Israeli Jew, but she did not grow up to be very religious. She has said "it's a cultural sort of thing" and about her family history more than anything else.

Sean Paul
arcane of 12 black celebrities
Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques Odie is a Jamaican dancehall recording artist and producer, considered one of the most prolific artists of the genre.

The dancehall singer's father is a Sephardic Jew, but was raised Catholic.

Meagan Good
arcane of 12 black celebrities
Megan Monique Good is an American actress and model. Long before the start of her career, Good has appeared in several television shows, films and music videos. In 2011, Good was featured in the ensemble cast of the successful film version of Think Like a Man.

Yes, The Weight author practices Christianity with her husband, Devon Franklin, but she actually has a grandmother who is half African and Jewish.