Want To Know These Hidden Things On Earth

You will definitely want to know these hidden things on earth "

Burning of bulbs, flying planes, cinema and TV, talking on mobile and moving around in the car used to be a mystery and fantasy. Today the world has changed due to its invention, but the man is of the same medieval thinking. Earth is full of many mysteries. Much more mystery is hidden in the sea than that. More than that, the sky is mysterious and there are endless secrets hidden in manifold space. There are many mysteries in the world, the answer is still to be discovered. Science does not have answers to these, but the search continues. What are the secrets, which will open the whole future of the earth, not only humans. Let's know 10 such secrets and adventures filled ...
hidden things on earth

1. Time machine: Man has been envisaging to reach the past and future by exceeding the limitations of time. There have been many saints in India, who used to look into the past and future with their eyes closed. Now the question is, how should this work be done by machine? In 1895, the famous England writer HG Wells published a novel called 'The Time Machine', the whole Europe was in a panic. Inspired by the novel, many other types of fiction were written on this subject. A film in Hollywood was also made on this concept.

hidden things on earth

The time machine is still a fantasy. Time travel and time machine, it is an imagery of a device in which any human can sit with his full mental and physical abilities at any time in the past or future. Most scientists believe that this fantasy will never become a reality, because it is irrational that how can one know the truth of past or future by going into the past or future?

The imagination of the time machine is also inspired by Indian scriptures. How would you think The Vedas and Puranas mention many such incidents in which it is said that a person went to Brahmaloka to meet Brahma and when he returned to the earth again an era had passed here. Now the question arises that how can a person live for an era? The answer is that our concept of time is from the value of the earth but as we go into space, time changes. For a person who returned through Brahmalok, it took only 1 year from his value. But in the said 1 year, one epoch has passed on the earth, 2 epochs must have passed on the planet Mercury, because the 1 year there is only 88 days. Now let us understand the theory of time machine…

hidden things on earth

Earlier it was believed that time is absolute and universal, that is, it is equal for everyone, ie if 10 is ringing on Earth, then should it be assumed that 10 will be ringing on Mars too? But not according to Einstein's theory of relativity. The perception of time varies.

Einstein said that the measured time between two events depends on the speed at which the viewer is going. Suppose there are two twin brothers - A and B. One goes to a planet in a very high speed spacecraft and after some time returns to Earth while B stays at home. For A, this journey may have been 1 year, but when he returns to Earth 10 years have passed. His brother B is now 9 years old, while both were born on the same day. That is, A has reached 10 years in future. Now after reaching there, when he sees the incident going on from there, he is looking at the past.

hidden things on earth

Just like a bullet has been missed, but if you want to see it, then you have to cross it even faster than that bullet and then you have to turn and look at it only then it will be visible to you. Similarly, many voices, pictures and events that have happened in the universe are spreading. They have reached where they have reached and must have caught them and heard them.

If this happens…? Some cosmic rays move at the speed of light. It takes them a few moments to cross a galaxy, but it has been tens of thousands of years according to the time of Earth.

This is true from the point of view of physics, but no such time machine has been made so far that we can reach in the past or future. If this happens, a big revolution will happen. While a human will be able to extend his own age, he will also learn to change the future. History will be rewritten.

hidden things on earth

Understand from another example. You are driving a car, you do not know that the road is closed 10 kilometers ahead and there is a big pit, which is not visible suddenly. Your car is running fast. Now you think what is going to happen to you? But a person is sitting in a helicopter and he sees it all, that is, he is watching your future. If you know by any technique that there is a pit ahead, then you will be saved. Astrology of India also does this, that gives you information about the pit.

But an irrational example can also be given, such as a man going to see his son before getting married with a time machine. After going there, he learns that his son is serving a sentence inside the jail in a case of treason… then he can do two things, either marry another woman or give up the idea of ​​getting married.