See What is going on in the pictures! LOL

What Is Going On In The Pictures! LOL

You will not believe in exactly what is going on in the picture?
what is going on pictures lol

What is Fox's job in the ATM line
what is going on pictures lol

Yes, you may have seen this precious picture before a lot of moons, but what has really happened here has been drawn by Martin Osborne, a photographer. That fox in the line is actually A.K.A taxidermy ( Taxidermy - There is a method of keeping dead creatures safe and displaying them like living organisms  ). Martin allegedly hired a stuffed fox and then roamed around, keeping it under his arm. Hilarious

The most interesting man in the world
what is going on pictures lol

You've probably seen this widely spread meme with a caption "I don't always do X, but when I do, I Y." And laughed about it without thinking too much about it. The picture is actually taken from an advertising campaign for Dos Equis Beer, starring actor Jonathan Goldsmith (in the picture). There is also an Ask Me Anything (where users can ask questions) from the actor on Reddit:

Tiger staring at Tigger

what is going on pictures lol

This photo is taken from a tiger escape drill at Chengdu Zoo, China. It was a practice and followed a man in a tiger suit and was put down by dart gun-yielding zukpurs in the practice.

Disaster Girl

what is going on pictures lol

This infamous picture of a young girl smiling next to a burning house portrays a picture of her being a criminal. This photo, taken by the girl's father Dave Roth, is actually of a training drill conducted by a fire department.

The truck in a tree

what is going on pictures lol

It is one of the most famous paintings in which most people have no clue. In 1959, Chevy was actually climbed by Mark Madson. It was meant to be a treehouse for his son Luke.

Grumpy Cat

what is going on pictures lol 6

There seems to be a bad day here with this cat named Tardar Sauce. That sad face may be the cause of the dwarf mixed feline. Originally posted on Reddit by owner Tabata Bundesen's brother Brian, the photo has spread everywhere on the Internet.

Kissing a couple of Vancouver

what is going on pictures lol

What would you expect about the story behind this famous photo? It looks like riots between two rebellious teens. While this is quite close to the truth, what really happened is Scott Jones was trying to calm his girlfriend Alex Thomas when he was chased by riot police. This photo has been taken at the Boston Bruins since the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup.

To fist with a whale

what is going on pictures lol

This incredible photo made contact with a humpback whale in the South Pacific as a photographer, Marco Quarrel, is nothing short of spectacular. Considering the sheer size of these whales, it goes without saying that while these mammals do not attack humans, it is very dangerous to get so close and personal with them.

Magnificent building

what is going on pictures lol

Construction of Haussmannian Paris during its renovation in 2007. (A canvas was placed on top of the building to conceal the renovation.) >