Weird Facebook Status Post You Should Never EVER Post… EVER

The thing about Weird Facebook Status Post is that although you have free reign to post and say pretty much anything you like, there is no social rule book to follow.

You are left to learn from your own mistakes and are at risk of winding up your friends without even knowing it.After asking around the Aunty Acid office we have come up with a list of 12 no no’s when it comes to posting on Facebook.

1.The braggy

weird facebook status post

“My boyfriend is so lovable.

He just took me shopping then took me for a nice meal”.

Oh I am soo happy for you NOT.

Just keep your lush emotional love life in order to please yourself.

2.Trying to make boring things sound interesting.

weird facebook status post

“I have had such a busy day.

Got up and made a healthy breakfast, then went to the park with my dog before going to the store to pick up groceries.

Back home tonight to watch X Factor” No matter how much you post about these mundane everyday tasks, they will never be interesting to anyone. Ever.

3.The health food / detox / cleanse diet status.

weird facebook status post

“Just made a green salad with pine nuts.

Yummy meal for day three of my detox”.

Yeah yeah so you are on a detox.

Well done, it will probably last about 6 days if your last effort is anything to go by.

4.The sad sack status

weird facebook status post

“Cheated on again when I thought he was the one”.

Look we do feel for you, really we do but this is the fourth time this has happened and you continually sharing your failed relationships on Facebook. is making you seem a bit pathetic.

Some things are better kept for a cup of coffee with friends rather than broadcasting to the whole world!

5.The chain letter hoax status

weird facebook status post

“Bill Gates is giving away money.

Share this and be in with a chance of winning loads of cash” Yeah I bet he is!

7.The threatening to leave Facebook status

weird facebook status post

“Facebook is boring me now.

I am leaving”.

I wish you would so I don’t have to keep reading your boring statuses threatening to leave all the time.

8.The friend purge status

weird facebook status post

“If you can see this you are lucky as I just cleaned out my friends list”.

Nobody cares!

10.The false information about Facebook status

weird facebook status post

What a load of rubbish!

11.The spoiler status

weird facebook status post

“OMG I can’t believe the main character in Game of Thrones died tonight”.

SHUT UP I was looking forward to watching that but now your ruined it!

12.The vague status

weird facebook status post


OK why have you even bothered to post that? Fishing for comments?