Things you did not know about Jason Statham

Things you did not yet know about Jason Statham

Jason Statham was one of the world's top competitive divers in the early 90s before he became everyone's favorite on screen rogue. He was on the British National Diving Squad for 12 years and even competed in the Commonwealth Games in Auckland, New Zealand in 1990. While he was an elite diver, he was never qualified for the Olympics.

1. Jason Statham was a competitive diver

things you did not know about jason statham

2. He Was Model

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You might think she is a bit bumpy off the edges for a modeling career, but think again. After his diving career, Statham began modeling for French Connection. "We chose Jason because we wanted to see our model like a normal man," French Connection spokesman Lily Anderson said in a 1995 interview with The Independent. His look is perfect for now- too masculine and not too male. -modelly. "

3. He Was Involved In Music Videos

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There is no shame in Statham's game. In 2015, the two s 90s music video went viral where she was shown half-naked and oiled. One was "Comin 'On" by The Shaman and the other was "Run to the Sun" by Ersure.

4.Sold Knockoff Perfume And Jewelry

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After dancing semi-nude in diving, modeling and music videos for years, Statham needed to find another way to make a living. His next career was selling knockoff perfumes and jewelry on the streets of London. This man has certainly lived many lives.

5. Star As The Lead In 'Ghosts Of Mars' But...

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While he received much acclaim for his roles in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, he had so far starred in a film as the lead man. Director John Carpenter wanted him to play the lead role in Ghost of Mars. The producers did not think he was ready for the role and gave it to Ice Cube instead.

6.Jason Does His Own Stunts

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Jason Statham takes pride in performing his own stunts, whether it's hand-to-hand combat or swinging from a helicopter 3000 feet above Los Angeles. "I'm inspired by people who can do their work on their own," Jason said. "Bruce Lee never took stunt doubles and fight doubles, or Jackie Chan or Jet. I've been in action films, where the face changes and I'm fighting with a double, and it's embarrassing. "

7. Survived while filming 'The Expendables 3'

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While filming a scene in The Expendables 3, Statham was driving a three-ton truck loaded into a stunt. The truck crashed into a cliff and went into the Black Sea with Statham inside. "I felt like I went to drowning," Statham said today. I've done a lot of scuba diving; I have freediving a lot… no matter how much you have done. , It doesn't teach you to breathe underwater ... I got too close to drowning. It was a very painful experience.

8. Crazy For Martial Arts

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How does he stay in such good shape? He participates in various fighting disciplines such as boxing, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. "I have to spend most of my time these days: training for what I need to do in terms of taking action in an authentic way," said Mens Health.

9. Accepted That He’s Been In Some Flops

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Esquire was asked if he ever saw one of his films during the premiere and thought "Oh, no ...," his response was very honest: "Yes, I think I said that more often than not. Yes. " If you win something, you lose something.

10. His films have fetched in excess of $ 1.5 billion in the US alone

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Jason Statham's films have grossed over $ 1.5 billion in the United States and $ 5.1 billion worldwide. Some of it came from joining the Fast and Furious team. Fast and Furious aside, he has also done 7 films to cross the $ 100 million mark worldwide.

11. Drums Players

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When he was younger, Statham used to play in a band with his family. His father was the lead singer, his elder brother played the guitar and he was on drums. What can't he do?

12. He likes to prank

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While filming a lock, stock and two smoking barrels, producer Matthew Vaughan set out to show off his new Porsche. When he left, his car was making terrible noises and Vaughn drove the car to the mechanic to see what could be wrong. When he popped the trunk, he got a trunk full of horseshoes, courtesy of Jason.

13. He Plays Football

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Statham is a member of Hollywood United FC, a football club founded by Steve Jones, guitarist for Sex Pistols. His teammates include Dermot Mulroney, Robbie Williams and Vinny Jones. How do we get a ticket?

14. Sex Scene Surprise!

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In the film Crank, Statham is in a very public sex scene and shows his naked ass. While they were doing the film, they did not tell the extras what was going to happen in the scene. His perplexing forms are all authentic because he had no idea it was coming.

15. Always been a smooth criminal

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In 2010, Jason had trouble with the law of stealing a golf cart and cheering at a party in Coachella. He says that he "borrowed" the car. Who cares if he steals or borrows. He is Jason Statham. He is such a crook, he can do whatever he wants.