Weird Secret Of Celebrity Crush Reveals By Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has revealed who is his secret celebrity crush and to be honest, this is absolutely strange ....

scarlett johansson weird secret reveals

Most of have a celebrity crush - a world-famous person who gives us anything to go on a date, anyone who we think of watching online or on television every time. We spend days dreaming of that day, when our beloved will come in a fancy limousine which will take us away, take us with us to enjoy the life of a star.

unfortunately, this dream is realistic in the form of physics in a Fast and Furious film. This is especially true if your crush is as spectacular as Scarlett Johansson: an actress who is famous for her good looks of classic Hollywood.

What makes Scarlett attractive, though, is to provide relief for the world famous film star. She is so down-to-earth that she has her own celebrity crush. imagine that! She had already married Ryan Reynolds, who in some way is a beautiful hunter to slice it - who can be that mystery man? That's it, even if it's a man: there's nothing to say that Scarlett's crush is not a very fortunate woman!

The only thing I know for sure is that you need a lot of projections because this is probably the last person you were ever thinking about. Fortunately for those of you who love their celebrity gossip, Scarlett was recently enough to reveal the identity of his celebrity crush in an interview with Howard Stern, and it was very scary to see Makes for

Scarlett Johansson 32-year-old actress who is currently promoting her new film, The Ghost In The Shell was asked by Howard Stern who her ‘hottest guy’ is and her answer was pretty bizarre…

You might think Scarlett would go for a superstar actor like Brad Pitt maybe, George Clooney or Leonardo Di Caprio, any of the classics, but instead her choice was someone quite different.

Far from your typical celebrity crush, Scarlett’s guilty pleasure is in fact non-other than foul-mouthed, celebrity chef and general ball of fury, Gordon Ramsay, according to Esquire.

She told the radio presenter:

"Honestly.I’m like somebody who likes Gordon Ramsay."

It seems unlikely, but then she admitted chef Anthony Bourdain was her second choice, claiming ‘there’s a running theme.’


I can’t say I would have expected the ultra glamorous, Hollywood actress to have a thing for slightly sweaty, older, chefs, but there we go.

Unbelievably, Scarlett admitted she has been turned down by guys in the past, after the presenter asked her: “Who wouldn’t want to be with you?”

Shrugging it off she replied simply with:

"I mean, there’s an ass for every seat."

It seems pretty hard to imagine, the successful actress crushing on Gordon while he has a tantrum on Kitchen Nightmares, but who am I to judge?

Each to their own Scarlett, each to their own…