The Prettiest Girl You Will Want To Know In The World

Thylane Blondeau Prettiest Girl has expressed such depth of emotions in his photographs that was unbelievable

#1.Thylane Blondeau Prettiest Girl was just 10 years old when she became one of the youngest ever models to feature in Vogue magazine.

Thylane Blondeau who started her modelling career at the age of five and was dubbed the prettiest girl in the world.Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau was featured in French Vogue before even hit her teens after having been spotted at a Jean Paul Gaultier show.Child models have always been a topic of discussion and controversy, and that's exactly what happened to this young French model, Thylane Blondeau.In 2011, she was given the name of 'the most beautiful girl in the world'.She participated in a Vogue photo shoot that raised a lot of concerns about the use of child models. Here's what this 'pretty girl' looks like now.You would also like to read: She Is The World's First Model To Have Different Coloured Eyes.Thylane's father is former French footballer Patrick Blondeau and her mum is TV presenter Veronika Loubry.

#2.Some countries have banned models under the age of 16 to walk the catwalk.These countries feel that the world of fashion is too sexualized for children.

Thylane blondeau prettiest girl took the world by storm several years ago, leaving many to wonder how a little girl could express such depth of emotion in her photos. Since her early success, Thylane has changed over the years and has developed into a powerful figure in the modeling industry. You will not believe how she looks now?

#3.Not to mention that being a model can take a huge emotional toll on a person as it's an extremely high-pressure job.

Even young models are expected to prioritize their physical appearance over their health.It was clear from the beginning that she was going to grow up to be a beautiful woman with her piercing blue eyes and photogenic face..

#4. Most people agreed with psychologist Emma Grey when she said

This picture is the antithesis of what childhood in our society should be; a child being exposed to a world she is not yet equipped to deal with solely to serve the needs of the adults around her.She was only ten when she participated in an editorial for Vogue. Unfortunately, the shoot received more uproar than praise when everyone agreed that young Blondeau looked too sexualized.

#5. Numerous opinions were being offered from various publications and commentators.

One of the statements that stood out the most came from the Mother's Union.A spokesperson for the Christian charity said, “We have grave concerns about the modeling agency who represent Blondeau, which clearly does not know if it represents a child or an adult.”

#6. Being so young back then, Blondeau didn't really get the opportunity to say much on the controversial debate she unintentionally created.

As she grew up, however, she remained a popular model and slowly began growing even more popular on her Instagram account. When she was 14, she was featured on the books of IMG Models (an international modeling agency).

#7. Thylane Blondeau's interest wasn't only in modeling, she also aspired to be an actress like her mom.

She starred in the French film Belle & S├ębastien: The Adventure Continues in 2015.In a later interview, she was asked what it was like being a model at such a young age. Her response was surprisingly simple and didn't even refer to any of the controversial debate she started.

#8. Thylane Blondeau will be turning 16 this year on April, 2017.

She's still very young but she's very wise and sensible. Hopefully one day she will be known for her accomplishments instead of her childhood controversy.