People Getting Pantsed At Unideal Times

Panting, also known as depositing, debugging, dacking, flagging, sharking, and scanting, is pulling under a person's trousers and sometimes underpants, usually against their wishes, and usually Examples as a practical joke or bully, but in others as a sexual fetish. The most common approach is to sneak up behind the victim, hold the trousers at the waist, and do a quick downward tug before the victim's presence is known.

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people getting pantsed at unideal times

Panting in school gym classes is a common type of prank or bullying. Its most extreme form involves running trousers at the school's flagpole. Prior to World War II, some American colleges largely had scenes of "portrayal" scraps between freshman and somporum males, often involving more than 2,000 participants.-Wikipedia

The classics: Shaving cream in the hand, dipping someone's hand in warm water, and pantsing. Jokes and pranks that never get old or fall out-of-style. Watch these buffoons eat shit with their pants off.

1. That's one way to improve the NEWS.


3. FAKE. Wrestling is so fake bro.

4. Were they still friends after this?

5.Yeah, whip out the little weeny, Harry.

6. Typical response.

7. That was her brother

8. Is he used to this?

9.You can’t run from all your problems, David!

10.He was expelled 2 days later.