Netflix Is Bad For S-e-x Life

Netflix Affect On Your Personal Life

You will not believe but it is a big truth that Netflix Is Bad For S-e-x Life. It is Most Shocking And Sensational.

Netflix is very popular because It has a store of never-ending materials. Today everyone has their own favorite show which no-one to left without watching.

netflix bad for sex life

A new study conducted by researchers at Lancaster University in the UK suggests that popular streaming services are at least partially responsible for pushing the busiest hours for Internet usage later in the evening.

Netflix is ​​also harming your s-e-x life. According to Cambridge University professor David Spiegelhalter, couples were having less sex in the 90s, ranging from an average of five to three times a month. There has been a drop in the number of People squeezing in bed (in addition to their favorite shows), they claimed, not an option until a few years ago when there was nothing good to watch on TV after 10:30 pm.

Online holds a record of 57.4 million unique Netflix subscribers. Since a subscription allows many people to watch Netflix, the number of actual users is huge. In the United States, for example, Netflix outbreak cable TV with 33 million subscribers. It is the largest contributor to Internet traffic in many countries.

Before Netflix, it was named but it was temporary.