Incredible Moments About Being Adults

Recently, reddit user u / arual_x asked, "The most frightening 'How do you not know how to do this?" 

What do you experience with another person while you are an adult?

And the responses were shocking, hilarious, and a bit worrying, if honestly said

11 Incredible Moments When People Were Completely Unaware About Being Adults

incredible moments about being adults

1. "My roommate tried to make pasta by placing a pot on the stove, Without adding noodles to the water, and turning on the stove. Then he asked me, 'How are these softening like my mother makes them.' "

2. "My best friend was sleeping with a new boy. She said she wasn't sure about her sexual history but she was on birth control to prevent STDs. I was 'Umm ...' . "

3. "I had to jump a friend's car that wouldn’t start. Eventually, we turned it on, she immediately turns off the car and said, 'Thanks so much, I’ll call you later!'"

4. "My roommate was making brownies out of a box. The instructions said to smooth the bottom of the pan before putting in the batter. You placed a bet that they would lift your ass and put it in the pan, flipped it over. , Pounded the Beetom out of it, flipped it over. Came back and put the brownie in the batter.

5. "I had to ask my roommate to wash his hands after touching the raw chicken.He thought it was okay to just go about his day before I asked."

6. "My friend who was about 40 years old had never paid a bill before. When he divorced and lived on his own for the first time, I received a text from him asking if my power Is also out. " It was just her. And for this she pretended that she never paid attention to bills because she thought they were receipts and the cost was included in her rent. "

7. "My relative tried to seat her son in a school bus on the first day of kindergarten and got upset when the driver refused him because he was not on the list. She never registered him for school and she thought she could. " Put him on the bus and send it. "

8. "My amazing, selfless, beautiful little brother asked me how to make ice last year. He is 24 years old."

9. "I took a food safety course and someone asked if they could wash the turkey with a dish soap."

10. "When my friend bought a house, owned the house for a month, he asked me when the city was coming to cut his lawn because it started to look like weeds. It was weird when I had to explain. Had to hire someone to cut his own lawn. "

11. "A girl I knew in college called her father to remind him to put oil in his truck. She did and then her truck started smelled like French fries and died. She doesn't understand what happened. The vegetable oil she put into the motor. "