Horrible Marriage Between Fans And His Idols

When Marriage Between Fans And His Idols Turn Into Horrible Marriage

Being a fan is a difficult thing. You will get a musician or an actor or (More often than not) an internet writer whose work you actually respond to , And suddenly the feelings of creative or professional appreciation change In feelings of love and attraction. For some fans, the line between "I" Really appreciate the art you create "and" I think I'm probably in love "Blur" with you, and that can be dangerous if the object of your fandom isn't all he's cracked up to be. Or if he is Elvis.

Elvis Was Cruel to Priscilla Presley

horrible marriage between fan and his idols

When Priscilla Beaulieu met him, he was 14 (with daddy issues) and when he was 24 (with serious mother issues) He liked them young, and she liked, well, what every straight teenage girl on the planet likes.

He took her on trips to Los Angeles and Las Vegas and eventually offered him to stay with her at Grayskland forever.

He was also violent and controlling: When she wanted to be a model, he said she couldn't. When she wanted to be a dancer, he said she couldn't. Except he wasn't there most of the time, he was making movies and banging his co-stars.

Romola de Pulszky shares her sexy, schizophrenic husband with her male boss

Vaslav Nijinski was an early 20th-century ballet dancer, often considered the best of the century, and a sex symbol for men and women alike. They performed all kinds of sexy dances, one of which involved playing a faun humping a nymph's veil

While he had all kinds of crazy fans - some of whom would sneak into his dressing room and steal his underwear.

Romola de Palszki was a wealthy Hungarian socialite who wanted Nijinsky so badly that she learned to dance, made her way to the Russian Ballet, and followed her on a boat trip to Argentina. Nijinsky at first found her upset and creepy, but, perhaps because she wanted to distance herself from an ex-boyfriend, or perhaps because of some insanity, he asked her to marry him. He did not speak Hungarian, and she did not speak Russian, so he proposed half in French and half in mime.

Priscilla didn't have a life outside of him, but it wasn't like she was going to leave him.

Their wedding was more of an event for friends and family than a press conference, and most sources say their managers included her in it. Once when he was a child, Elvis was so afraid of becoming a father that he stopped sleeping with her. He did all sorts of things to try to win her back, had affairs, and eventually filed for divorce.

Nathaniel Branden to be with Ayn Rand

Like many teenagers, Nathaniel Blumenthaal fell in love with Aon Rand's The Fountainhead. Rude individualistic handsome men outsource to the rest of the dumb world and sleep with beautiful women worshiping them… It was a smart child's fantasy. There were also some philosophies made by him, which you will come to know that you have spent more than five minutes on the Internet.

Like a lot of children with a talent-crush, Nathaniel wrote to his protagonist and apparently touched him with his writing, as Rand eventually approached him. She met the then 19-year-old Nathaniel and his girlfriend, Barbara Vedman in 1950, and was abandoned

They passed, as well as Nathaniel changing his name from Blumenthal to Brendan, so it contained his last name - which was also fake. Rand called him an "intellectual heir", and then, in the late 1950s, after Nathaniel and Barbara got married, the inevitable happened: Rand found Randy.

She scheduled a twice-a-week sextime session for her and Nathaniel, telling both her husband and his wife that it was completely rational and appropriate and that they would have to get used to it.

Never assume that Nathaniel was in his 20s and insisting Rand 50, and that regularly scheduled cases are not rational and reasonable - it should have been. But when Rand becomes depressed about Atlas, he immediately talks about not changing the world, Nathaniel forces himself to continue a relationship with a woman he never wanted. She then met Patricia Scott and did a very selfish job.

Ringo was a shy husband. He had a rough childhood, and going from poverty to worldwide fame is rarely healthy. He soon became an alcoholic, and Maureen had to deal with random acts of drugs and cases and violence.

George Harrison was a good friend of Maureen, their relationship, as well as Ringo's relationship with others, led to bitter divorces and many years of depression. Eventually, Maureen found some happiness when she married Isaac Burton Tigrett, who founded the Hard Rock Cafe.

Maureen Cox lived a terrible life as Beetle's wife

In the early 60s, Maureen Cox was an apprentice hairstylist and a regular audience member at the Cavern Club, where the band was called Beatles played. They all knew her, and she too kissed Paul McCartney on a dare. But, because love is beyond reason - and superior talent and charm - her heart belonged to Ringo Starr. Her tenacity paid off when he finally asked her to dance one night, and in early 1965 they secretly married.

It was never easy to marry a beetle. Even before marriage, Maureen had received all kinds of threats from the jealous Beatlemaniaux, and had to give up her career as a hairdresser for her safety.


A fan had also arrived through a car window and scratched his entire face.