Funny Beach Photos That Will Leave You In Tears

Funny Beach Photos That Will Definitely Leave You In Tears

There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the beach. The sand and ocean offer unlimited possibilities for relaxation, fun, and most importantly, funny photos. Beach-goers around the world have gotten into some crazy shenanigans, and much of that has been captured in photo form. Here are some of the amazing Funny Beach Photos whos leave you in a laughing moment!

Take care of your valuables like this....

When you climb and descend the boardwalk, there is a need to have a place to lock your bike, if you don't need to go somewhere you can't take it. So while most beaches have a rack for people to take their rides off, some use bike racks for other things…

(Photo by @sweepscrub/Twitter)

In this case, a random beach-goer decided to use a bike rack to lock his pair of sandals. Slippers really do not look very expensive. In fact, they are less expensive than the cost of unnecessarily large locks. But hey, better safe than sorry, right?

Runway ready

Some photos are taken at just the right time. This is definitely one of them. This adorable dog stood on his hind legs, whose ears were high in the air, flying in the air. Looks like it's ready to splash your stuff down the runway at a fashion show!

(Photo by @arthurik87/Twitter)

If this picture had been taken a second time, the dogs might have returned from all four sides like any other dog companion. But, instead, the photographer ended up perhaps the biggest photo he has ever taken. That photographer definitely deserves an uplift after this photo!

Got her beach

Taking out in the sun without sunscreen is never a good idea, especially for those who are starting to feel sleepy. An ominous beach goer learned that lesson, sleeping while holding a bottle on his chest. The result was surprising: a sunburn that perfectly lined her hands and drinks as if painted on her chest.

(Photo by @Oh_Malza_la/Twitter)

That would hurt! One can only imagine how painful it would be to shower in a shower with red as this one with a sunburn. At least this man can take solace in the fact that his drink prevented sunburn on a small part of his body!

going bananas

Most beaches are not known to have any wildlife, especially not wildlife that usually live in the wild. So as a tourist was spending a day at the beach, he was surprised to see a group of monkeys and wished him to come out in the shallow water.

(Photo by @dollarstudent/Twitter)

It looks like this woman is holding some bananas in her hands, which explains why all the monkeys are going crazy! Perhaps they were not even near the beach, but the smell of bananas drove them away from their home and towards the sea! Either way, it made for a great photo opportunity!

sweet tooth

There is no better snack for a beach day than a good, cold ice cream cone. Beach-goers love to eat ice cream, which is why almost every popular beach seems to have a stand. But what happens when you lose track of your frozen treat for a split second? Results are rarely expected by people.

(Photo by @rickyberwick/Twitter)

In this case, a curious seagull not only decided to steal some ice cream, but also made a picture-bomb of the cone! This seagull ruined the food and the photo struck a swoop. What a feat - some might describe it as killing two birds with one cone!

Bashing party

The beach is the perfect place to host a party. Those walking on the beach love to cook on the grill, enjoying the hamburgers and hot dogs with a view. But when they cook, they always need to be on the lookout, as the seagulls are also hovering nearby.

(Photo by @_youhadonejob1/Twitter)

In this photo, it looks like the party is canceled! Seagal flew up and down to steal food from the table for dinner, causing the party men to spill their drinks everywhere! This picture is disorganized in its purest form.

Made for comfort

The sand is comfortable, but not comfortable like a couch. Two resourceful women decided to go to the beach and take advantage of the knowledge of this blissful rest. So, naturally, they brought the perfect item for the occasion: a couch, equipped with a pull-out mattress!

(Photo by @jelradivojevic/Twitter)

This is genius on many levels, with the primary being that by sitting on a couch, sand is not found on all their clothes! There is also the added benefit of using a pull-out mattress to rest on the armrest and for maximum laziness.

Horseback rider

Horses are a rare sight on the beach, sometimes different from tour-driven horse rides at holiday destinations. So when two people went to a beach where tourists go on these rides, they got an idea. What if they had horseback riding on their own?

(Photo by @beritmclaughlin/Twitter)

Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like. It’s a grown man on top of another grown man in a horse mask, trying to fit in with the group of vacationers in ridiculous fashion! It’s a pretty hilarious prank, and it makes for an even better picture. Hopefully none of the horses got startled too bad — otherwise, these two could be in some trouble!

Words of wisdom

Because beaches are public property, there are a lot of rules to follow. To enforce those rules, signs often tell people what is and is not allowed. A city official did something fun on a local beach with a sign that is hilarious.

(Photo by parsonsJosh/Twitter)

Telling people not to wear sunglasses at night seems like a huge waste of time, but perhaps there are some people who insist on wearing sunglasses in the dark. Either way, the phrasing of this sign makes it hilarious. It is also fun to think that some people need to be reminded not to wear sunglasses at night!

Sand castle

Beach toys have become wildly popular over the years, but the classic beach bucket still seems to be at the top of the pack, at least when it comes to popularity. Families have found all kinds of uses for popular toys, but one particular use of the bucket is very hilarious.

(Photo by @evelinfuria/Twitter)

The photographer is holding the bucket near the camera, as if it is enough to snap two children into the photo while they pretend to be afraid of the bucket! It's a silly prank, but it's a good one nonetheless. One thing is sure: posing for a photo like this makes for a memorable photo!

Too quick

Birds can be a nuisance on the beach, but are not limited to seagulls only. There are a lot of hungry animals who want to steal food from strangers, especially when the food is delicious. An unheard beach-goer learned that lesson while he was photographing his fresh donut.

(Photo by @readersdigestUK/Twitter)

This nosey stork will not let you take a picture of your food when you are hungry! All this stork knows, this woman is showing her donut all over the place, asking someone to eat it! If there is anything to be learned from this list, taking a picture of your meal on the beach is a bad idea.

Sea horse

Everyone wants to go to the beach. A horse owner was not able to take his horse to the beach, so they did the next best thing, preparing their horse on the sand for a day. Equipped with snorkel, inflatable tubes and flippers, this horse is ready to go!

(Photo by @siiyahtanricasi/Twitter)

The image of the horse dressed as "Sea-Horse" is a pretty hilarious scene. The owner of this stallion definitely has a sense of humor! And it seems, playing with the horse. Maybe they are actually going to the beach in the end!

Group photo

People find some very interesting things to do while on the beach. Mix with the desire to take a great photo, and this is a recipe for something amazing. A group of beach goers had an incredible idea for a strange picture, and carried out their amazing plan to perfection.

(Photo by @stonepeak72/Twitter)

Scattering the faces in the sand, the group again stands in a position that will look as if their shadows have faces! This is a great idea, and also better execution. If it had been the Hall of Fame for most creative photographs taken on the beach, it would have certainly made the cut.

Time to rest

In the end, there can be no better resting feeling than being taken to the lounge chair and taken out of the water. This is a great way to disintegrate after a long, stressful day. One child feels well to all and as soon as he went to the resort, went poolside for some solid rest time.

(Photo by @JanisZnots/Twitter)

It is heartening to see a child in a situation that is more popular with adults who are excluded from work. But, hey, this kid probably got a lot on her plate recently! As the saying goes, not the judge, lest justice be done!

Dog days of summer

There is nothing better than those perfect summer days where it is just you and your dog. As it is said, the dog is man's best friend. Even if it means that you are the instagram parent of your dog, while it carelessly makes a pose in front of a picturesque coastline and demands you take a picture.

We are all wondering why this pooper brought a bottle of sunscreen - after all, one would think that the hair coat on its back is quite good - but at least that promotes protection from the blazing summer sun. We can all agree on one thing; This Franchi is perfect for summer beach days!