Funniest Celebrity Meme Of All Time

Celebrities have taken a lot of their pictures which at different times and in different postures will be fun at times, sometimes full of humor and sometimes crappy, so it makes sense that a lot of funny pictures are circulating on the web. You know what the Internet does with funny photos, right? They make meme, of course! All memes!

Here are some of the best celebrity memes ever made (so far!).

You Never Seen Before TheTop 25 Funniest Celebrity Meme of All Time

funniest celebrity meme of all time

Beyond free

During Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show in 2012, a series of super ugly but hilarious photos from her performance hit the web. Despite the singer's publicist asking people to stop reposting the pics, web users had a field day Photoshopping "Unflattering Beyonce" into all kinds of funny situations.

Chuck Norris

Professional hard man (and actor) Chuck Norris has been a fixture on the meme circuit for years.

The annoying face of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is saying all this with his face in this epic. This is the picture you post when someone on the internet is being ridiculously upset; Which, let's face it, is pretty much every day.

Rihanna's Dress At The 2015

Bad Girl Riri wore a stunning weird yellow dress for a fancy gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The next day, the internet decided that her dress looked like food.

Resting B*tch Face Of Jack White

The meme came after White Stripes frontman Jack White was spotted at a basketball game in which he wore a scowl as usual. He has become the poster boy for "Rest B*tch Face"!

Sad Keanu

Sad Keanu has been around five years now (!) - clearly this meme has the power to live! A simple paparazzi picture of actor Keanu Reeves, sitting on a bench, scored himself in 2010 and has been a major staple since then.

Angry Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a British chef and a television figure whose outbursts are well documented. In 2013, a Redditor used the Meme Macro to place a clever caption on an apprentice chef's image of Ramsay Yelling. The image quickly went viral, and soon more photos of Ramsay with clever captions began circulating to humor-sharing sites.

Bear Grylls, Better Drink

If you've seen the TV show Man vs. Wild, you know that survival star Bear Grylls regularly recommends his viewers drink their urine if they ever get lost in the woods. He does so often that a meme was born! Turns out, Grylls needs little excuse to sip his own wizz.

Ryan Gosling

If you've seen the TV show Man vs. Wild, you know that survival star Bear Grylls regularly recommends his viewers drink their urine if they ever get lost in the woods. He does so often that a meme was born! Turns out, Grylls needs little excuse to sip his own wizz.

Shirtless Leo

Years later, Leo discovered that he was strangely missing himself when a photo of the actor running shirtless through the park in a mid-water gun fight went viral. Oh, Leo.

Strutting Leo

On the set of the 2010 film Inception, someone happily waved a photo of actor Leonardo DiCaprio to the camera, with a big goofy smile on his face. TA-DA! "Straightening Leo" was born!

Sad Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio, King of Memes! Leo was nominated for an Academy Award that was embarrassing five times before winning the coveted Gold Statue in 2016. Before his big win the internet people had a lot of fun to make him memorable.

Paula deen ride talks

Between her known love of butter and the diagnosis of "Diabetes", Paula Deen meme is no stranger to receiving a cure! Paula Deen Riding Things blog took a funny image of Deen, making fun of fellow celebrity chefs, and took him from Photoshop to ride from hot dogs to other celebrities. Just a good comedy!

"Paper" Cover

Has this picture succeeded in "breaking the internet", but it certainly left an impression on the world of memories. Cut pictures of Kim's smooth butts were everywhere, and yes, that was awesome.

Nicolas Cage Is Everyone

Simple, but brilliant! Nic Cage As Everyone is a blog that features pictures of actor Nic Cage Photoshopped to become everyone from Abe Lincoln to Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings movies.

Sean Connery

Between making fun of Sean Connery's specific way of speaking (using "sh" instead of "s" sounds), building a (fake) antagonistic relationship with Alex Trebek that was spoiled on Saturday Night Live, and Was threatening to take his mother to bed. , This meme is just shocking, silly fun!

Indulgent wonka

When actor Jean Wilder (RIP) starred as Willie Wonka in 1971, he certainly had no idea that he would one day become a very condescending meme on the Internet. This meme is the perfect way to talk to someone, and it is good for any occasion.

Sad Kanye

All it took was a photo of a hilarious looking Kanye West to start this hilarious trend. IMO, Sad Kanye is the best Kanye.

Falling Down Scarlett Johansson

In the end, what better than taking an embarrassing moment and turning it into a web meme for everyone to laugh at? not much! Poor Scarlett Johansson fell down one day while walking down the street, a paparazzi was shot, and a memorized Scarlett was born.

Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing

Everyone's Internet BFF Jennifer Lawrence is responsible for a lot of amazing celebrity photobombs! Some of those weird 'bombs earn J-Law web meme status.

Queen of England


A photo of Queen Elizabeth II looking at the Olympic opening ceremony in London with a scowl on her royal face was taken and the meme began to pour. "One Ain't Amused" was one of the best new memes of 2012, hands down. . Also, remember the time that the queen completely photobombed some normal people? We do: 6 Royal Photobombs that completely rule.