Epic Fail GIFs That will Make You Lol

Epic Fail GIFs That you never have seen Before

Failure has never been more satisfactory or educational. Therefore, when you skim through these failed GIFs, you may want to take some mental notes, like always check the wall for a door before it kicks down, do not punctuate the street Signs, and Whatever you do, stay in school! There are 25 epic fail GIFs that will laugh at you

epic fail gifs

Left, right, left, right, face...

Mugger fail, like seriously...fail

Hey bro, pound it

Epic Fail Reason. Can You Find It!

Epic Fail Reason. Can You Find It!.... Why?

Spacing fail

Oh sorry, didn't see your face there

He'll figure it out...eventually

I don't use doors. I make my own.

A really, really bad day. Really.

Epic Fail The stairs just take too long

The treadmill was too slow anyway

Time to lose some weight

It's the simple things in life...like walking.

Oh no he didn't...he did.

We are truly sorry for your fail

LET ME IN!!! okay.

I don't make this stuff up man

Fail, fail, again

Understanding of physics fail.

The practical application of momentum

Let's start with one...and work our way up

Epic Fail Seriously? How?