Celebritiy Public Display Of Affection Show Gone Viral

The most disgusting celebrity public affection show that went viral

Famous celebrities can show affection in public in many ways, some may find the eyes attractive and some may be people who are not affected at all by seeing them but hate them.
Celebrities like to publicly show affection for their partners, friends, or close people, but some of them go above the bottom line without their fans even finding it disgusting.
celebritiy public display affection viral

Miley Cyrus and Sledgehammer

miley cyrus and sledgehammer

Madonna and Britney Spears

madonna and britney spears

Lil Kim and Mr. Paper


The queen of rap, Lil Kim who left the rap scene for some time when she became pregnant for her fiancé, Mr. Pepper. When he had a baby shower ceremony, he went crazy in front of the cameras.

Kim Kardashian With Kanye West

kim kardashian with kanye west

Kim and Kanye West are considered one of the most famous celebrity couples in the world, But this does not mean that the Public Display Of Affection show is not a bad performer among these two. Both went wild on camera during their honeymoon in Prague.

Amber Rose and Kanye West


This is an unusual Public Display Of Affection show by West End Rose, That went viral. But happiness is because he finally found his love and settled.

Amber Rose With Wiz Khalifa

Kim With Kanye

kim with kanye

Kim With Kanye Next

kim with kanye next