Bailey Button of Bikini Model Enthusesing People

Surprising Bailey Button Of Bikini Model

After a picture reappears on Imgur, people are working (again) on making themselves like a model's belly button.

belly buttons of bikini models

Now, in my opinion, everyone's belly buttons are very creepy, because what does 'normal' look like to anyone?

There are all kinds of Weird belly buttons out there, from outside to misspen oddities and it seems that supermodel Karolina Kurkova is no different.

When you first see this snap of four Victoria's Secret Models on the beach, you probably can't think of anything strange about this ...

belly buttons of bikini models

But as you get closer, it seems like Karolina has no belly button, but rather just a big dimple on her stomach.

The photo was posted on Imgur so others can try and clearly throw some light on it

bikini models-2

He captioned it: 

"a little upset ..."

Although this picture was initially Revealed shortly before, it went viral again and people are still upset with Karolina's button-free stomach.

bikini models-3

You might think that this is down to Photoshop's crash, but no, it's actually a perfectly logical explanation behind his missing belly button. And it depends on the fact that he had an operation as a child, which left him without an 'ingy' or indeed an 'outie'.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Shulman at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan said:

belly buttons of bikini models

"It looks like an umbilical hernia as a child (that could be) was either fixed or not fixed, which can distort the belly button."

so there you go.

It's not your eye tricks on you or some sort of mysterious witchcraft. 

The model underwent an operation as a child suggesting that he was born with an umbilical hernia and that it is all there.