17 Dumb Thing Who Actually Should Have Thought Before Posting On Facebook

All world is on Facebook, which means there's bound to be a dumb post or two. So, Always think once before posting on Facebook.

dumb things posting on facebook

1. The people who had some family tree questions:

2. The people who had A+ anti-vax logic:

3. The person who was also not helping:

4. The people who slut-shamed everyone and paid the price:

5. The people who didn't recognize the flag:

6. The people who just wanted the washer and dryer:

7. The people whose anti-gay post took a turn:

8. The people who were serious about spelling:

9. The people who didn't get the joke:

10. The mathematician:

11. The people who couldn't understand why people were mad:

12. The people who asked for nudes and got wrecked:

13. The people who clearly didn't do the reading:

14. The people who found a tiny puddle unacceptable:

15. The people who forgot how downloads work:

16. The people who forgot how aunties and uncles work:

17. And finally, the people who hated social networking: